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You are the expert of your life. Yet, you are not alone in finding hope

Do you ever feel not quite like yourself? Or experience something you’re not sure how to respond to? Are there days you need direction, or someone to confide in—someone who will ask you the hard questions? If you’ve wanted to find healing or discover a happier you, therapy could be the bridge to where you want to be.

Is therapy for me?

Therapy is not what you may think or may have heard. It is simply a safe relaxed opportunity for you to be yourself without judgement.

You come to connect with a trained professional over what matters most to you. It’s my role to listen and guide you through a process of self-awareness and growth, and to give you the best tools to fit your needs right now.

Your story matters, and you are not alone.

Kelly Rodriguez, LMFT, PMH-C

Marriage & Family Therapy

Kelly is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Perinatal Mental Health Certified Professional in Southern California. She is a facilitator of wellness for Women, Young Adults, Mothers and Couples.

Kelly offers online therapy via video for California and Florida.

Hear it from others:

“Therapy makes me a more emotionally intelligent person, a better friend and partner, a better listener.”
“I normally don’t take much time to process how I feel or take care of myself, so I find it helpful to meet with someone who asks the harder questions so I can understand how I am dealing and coping with certain situations.”

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