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I offer online video sessions in California and Florida from the comfort of your home or preferred location. My clients’ experience with online sessions has been valuable and positive. The freedom to have a session from your favorite couch or desired place provides a different level of comfort and ability to engage in an empowering way. It has been found that Online therapy is as effective as face to face therapy. Video sessions also have the pros of not having to rush through traffic, worry about childcare, and have more flexibility to have sessions that best fit your needs and schedule. Would you like to have your session during your lunch time, while out on a walk, or while the children nap? Let’s do it! All we need is privacy and a reliable internet connection.

I facilitate wellness for women, mothers and couples.

Kelly is also a Keynote speaker in both languages, English and Spanish. Some of the topics include, but are not limited to: Perinatal Mental Health, Anxiety, Motherhood, Understanding Mental Health, Healthy Communication, Work stress, Transition to Parenting.

Feel free to reach out and schedule a free 15 minute consultation to get to know more about what your needs are.

I have experience working with the following groups:

I am passionate about helping women in different life stages who are experiencing anxiety, trauma, depression, self-esteem and self-confidence issues, relationship difficulties, cultural pressure, identity, and stress.

My approach also focuses on supporting young adult women transitioning into facing the life challenges of adulthood.

As a mom of two children, I know how motherhood changes women’s lives. I am honored to help mothers during a path that often feels lonely. I get how difficult, overwhelming, exciting, and exhausting this journey can be. I see you! I am a Certified Perinatal Mental Health Professional. My focus is the conception, pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond stages of motherhood. If you are a woman planning on starting a family or already have children, I can support you on this journey full of ups and downs. Pregnancy and postpartum depression, pregnancy and postpartum anxiety, and birth trauma, can be confusing and scary for both moms and dads. There is help, there is a way out, and I am trained to help you and make sure you don’t do this alone. 

As a wife, I understand how being in a relationship can be the best experience and also a very challenging one that pushes us to constantly grow. If you are a couple facing a crisis, having communication issues, infidelity, ongoing conflict, I am here to get you out of that cycle. I can help you to break cycles and stop going in circles. With a collaborative approach, I will help you find a way to strengthen, protect, and save your relationship.
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